Saturday, September 27, 2014

Brantley's Career High 1297.2 Innings Played

with only 2 games left to play during the last series of the year, Michael just had to go and set one more career high, didn't he? and it's probably not one that many people are aware of, so let me take the liberty of telling you.

today, on September 27 in the game against the Tampa Bay Rays, Michael was playing left field. the game was scoreless in the top of the 3rd inning as Rays catcher Ryan Hanigan led off to face Carlos Carrasco. Hanigan lined out to center field on the first pitch and once that out was officially recorded, it gave Michael a total of 1297.2 innings played this season, a new career high. Michael's previous career high in innings was 1297.1 and it came last year. i didn't even wait until the full top half of the inning ended, i just went right for the 1st out to report the new record LOL

lucky for me (and my blog readers), i was at the game and able to take video of this record setting moment. i sat in Section 171, Row A at Progressive Field and, of course, the infamous Tom Hamilton is on the radio in the background.

now you might be thinking, if Michael's already played more games this season than he did last season, then how did it take so long for him to best his old innings played record? well that's mainly because Michael played 8 games as the DH this year compared to 0 last year. plus, he didn't play complete games every time he played this year. he was subbed out on a few occasions after the game had turned into a blowout or if the Tribe was being blown out. not to mention he left 3 games early with injury and also appeared in 2 games as a pinch hitter. all those things combined took away innings from his total and that's why it took extra time for him to achieve this record.

if Michael plays in the season finale game tomorrow, then he could have a potential total of 1313.1 innings played. however, if he gets the day off because Francona opts to play some of the kids/bench guys, then Michael will finish the 2014 season with 1304.1 innings played. based on the fact that the Indians are now out of the postseason chase, it's probable that Michael may have played in his final game of the year tonight. (and what a way to go!)

so congrats AGAIN, Michael, on another new career high during your remarkable career year!

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