welcome to my All Things Brantley, All Things Tribe blog. here you will find anything and everything you always (or never) wanted to know about Cleveland Indians' outfielder, Michael Brantley. i do my best to post news and important information about Michael in a timely manner. i blog from spring training all the way to the postseason and sometimes during the offseason if needed. if Michael sets a Tribe record or a new career high, you can bet i'm gonna blog about it. i also keep track of and calculate all his monthly #s. i have been doing that since 2012, although i did not create my official blogspot account until the summer of 2013.

in addition, i post blogs about certain Tribe happenings throughout the year. these include but are not limited to trades, season expectations, team needs, predictions, season wrap ups, etc. basically whatever topic i feel the need to address and give my opinion about. note: these blogs are significantly less in number when compared with my Brantley posts.

if you don't know me personally, then it's important for you to understand a few things before reading my blogs. a lot of my reactions and opinions posted here are said in jest. there's a lot of "lol" going on in my posts, and, at times, i write some pretty off-the-wall stuff because that's just my real life personality. i will be honest and blunt when presenting the facts but opinion-wise, don't take everything i say too seriously.

as you can see already, except for proper names, i blog in all lowercase letters. i know that irritates some people but that's how i've always written on the internet. there are no rules here and i like to think that my particular writing style keeps things very informal and casual.

yes, a little profanity is included here and there in my posts, and that is the reason for the adult content warning you see before entering my blog. i'm over 21, it's okay lol but yeah, i'm a swearer in real life and, again, there are no restrictions on my blog. so if you find the occasional F bomb and a-hole reference offensive, this may not be the place for you. fair warning.

lastly, i am known for writing very detailed, lengthy blogs. either scroll through and just read the parts that interest you, or get comfortable, grab your favorite snack and a drink, and get ready to read.

feel free to follow me if you have your own blog or just check this page periodically to see if i've posted any new blogs. also, don't hesitate to leave comments. i enjoy reading what other Brantley/Tribe fans think. constructive criticism is welcome, too, as long as it's done in an appropriate manner.

if you want to know more about me and why you should become a regular reader of my blog, you can read the introductory Who's Writing This Stuff?! page that i created specifically for this purpose.

and if you'd like to email me or check out my social media links, click on my Contact Info page.

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