Sunday, December 2, 2018

Brantley Nominated For 2018 Frank Gibbons-Steve Olin Good Guy Award

what's up, Brantley fans? i've got a quick post for you because today, on December 2, it was publicized that Michael had been nominated for the 2018 Frank Gibbons-Steve Olin Good Guy Award. unfortunately, he didn't win. instead, Cleveland's franchise leader in saves, former Indians closer/now free agent Cody Allen was named the winner of this annual award for his assistance off the field. congrats, Cody!👏

the Good Guy Award has been given out by the Cleveland chapter of the Baseball Writers' Association of America since 1968. it is bestowed upon the Indians' player, coach, manager, or team employee who understands the media's job when it comes to covering a baseball team, per Paul Hoynes' article on more specifically, the recipients of this honor are known for always being accommodating and reliable with the local media, as well as accountable, approachable, and insightful whether after having a good game or bad game. (source: Anthony Castrovince's article.) that absolutely described Allen this year, as he never shied away from reporters when he was going through tough times. his selection was well-deserved.👍

the naming of this particular award comes from columnist Frank Gibbons, who
worked for the old Cleveland Press, and Indians pitcher Steve Olin, one of two Tribesmen that died in 1993 during a boating accident in spring training (the other being Tim Crews).🙏

there were a total of six Tribe players who were considered for this year's accolade. the nominees were Allen, Jason Kipnis, Andrew Miller, Trevor Bauer, Brantley, and Mike Clevinger.

you know, i recall a time or two when Brant may not exactly have wanted to do a postgame interview with in-game SportsTime Ohio reporter Andre Knott, but after coaxing, he did it anyway lol i certainly enjoyed listening to all his interviews.😀

so congratulations on your nomination, Michael! i'm sure you will be just as cooperative when it comes to dealing with the media members on your new team...😭

Michael is still currently on the free agent market for the first time in his career. i recently compiled all the news and rumors from around baseball regarding where Michael might end up and which teams are showing interest in him. you can read all that in this post: Brantley News and Rumors from November 2018.

keep following me on twitter @clevelandgirl23 for any more breaking news and rumors. i have a pretty strong feeling Michael will be making his decision and signing his new contract this month. where do you think he'll be playing in 2019? leave your guess in a comment below.

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