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Corey Kluber Wins BBWAA's 2017 AL Cy Young Award!

it's week two of the baseball awards and the Indians have yet another winner in their midst. this evening, on November 15, it was announced that Corey Kluber won Baseball Writers' Association of America's 2017 American League Cy Young Award! this is Kluber's second Cy Young of his career, having previously won it in 2014. congratulations, Klubes!👏

photo courtesy of @MLB on twitter

this year, Kluber was a Cy Young finalist along with Chris Sale of the Boston Red Sox and Luis Severino of the New York Yankees. he finished with
28 of 30 total 1st place votes and won the award by 78 points.

the Cy Young was first awarded in 1956, but at that time, just one pitcher in all of MLB was named the winner. it wasn't until 1967 that a representative from both the American League and National League was crowned.

two writers in each American League city cast their ballots for this award based on regular season stats only. votes are then calculated using a points system. a 1st place vote is worth 7 points, 2nd place is worth 4, 3rd place is worth 3, 4th place is worth 2, and 5th place is worth 1.

here are the complete 2017 AL Cy Young voting results*:
Team, Player1st2nd3rd4th5thPoints
Corey Kluber, Indians282

Chris Sale, Red Sox228

Luis Severino, Yankees

Carlos Carrasco, Indians

Justin Verlander, Tigers/Astros

Craig Kimbrel, Red Sox

Ervin Santana, Twins

Marcus Stroman, Blue Jays

*chart copy and pasted from

Kluber and Sale were the only two pitchers to appear on every ballot. Zack Meisel of The Athletic and Jim Ingraham of Elyria Chronicle were Cleveland's media voters for this award and, of course, they voted for the Klubot. to see all the individual ballots, click here.

now let's take a look at some of the final #s of the three finalists for the 2017 season.

Kluber: 18-4 record, 29 G, 5 CG (tied for the most in MLB), 3 SHO (tied for the most in MLB), 51 ER, 36 BB
8.0 bWAR (highest in MLB)
2.25 ERA (lowest in MLB)
.193 AVG (lowest in AL)
.235 OBP (lowest in MLB)
.321 SLG (lowest in AL)
.556 OPS (lowest in MLB)
.869 WHIP (lowest in MLB)
1.59 BB/9 (fewest AL)
11.71 K/9 (2nd in AL)
265 SO (2nd in AL)
2.50 FIP (2nd lowest in AL)
203.2 IP (4th in AL) 

Sale: 17-8 record, 32 G, 1 CG, 69 ER, 43 BB
214.1 IP (led AL)
308 SO (led AL)
12.93 K/9 (led AL)
2.45 FIP (lowest in AL)
2.90 ERA (2nd lowest in AL)
.208 AVG (2nd lowest in AL)
.254 OBP (2nd lowest in AL)
.970 WHIP (2nd lowest in AL)
1.81 BB/9 (2nd fewest in AL)
.349 SLG (3rd lowest in AL)
.603 OPS (3rd lowest in AL)
6.0 bWAR (3rd in AL)

Severino: 14-6 record, 31 G, 64 ER, 51 BB
.338 SLG (2nd lowest in AL)
.603 OPS (2nd lowest in AL)
2.98 ERA (3rd lowest in AL)
.208 AVG (3rd lowest in AL)
.266 OBP (3rd lowest in AL)
3.07 FIP (3rd lowest in AL)
1.040 WHIP (3rd lowest in AL)
230 SO (4th in AL)
10.71 K/9 (4th in AL)
5.3 bWAR (6th in AL)
2.37 BB/9 (8th fewest in AL)
193.1 IP (9th in AL)

these are pretty outstanding numbers from all the guys. but here are some more highlights from Kluber's year:
--picked by the Commissioner's Office to be on the 2017 AL All Star team, the second consecutive All Star nod of his career.
--threw two consecutive complete games on August 3 and August 8, striking out 11 batters in both.
--had a 14-game streak with 8+ Ks between June 1 and August 13, which tied for the 4th longest in baseball history and was the 3rd longest single-season streak in MLB history. within that streak, Kluber broke a franchise record with five consecutive games with at least 10 strikeouts from June 14 - July 4, then pitched another five consecutive games with at least 11 strikeouts from July 15 - August 8.
--threw 26 consecutive scoreless innings between September 7 and 24 (over four starts), including back-to-back scoreless outings on September 12 and 17.
--named AL Pitcher of the Week on June 26 and September 18.
--named AL Pitcher of the Month for June, August, and September.
--won the MLB ERA title for 2017 with his 2.25 earned run average.

want more? TribeVibe shared these tidbits as well:
--Kluber's 15 double-digit strikeout games were the 2nd highest single-season total in Indians history and tied for 2nd in all of baseball.
--his 265 strikeouts were 7th highest in club history for a season.
--he now ranks 7th all-time in Indians history in career strikeouts (1201).
--he struck out an MLB-best 64 batters in June.
--he's the 3rd Indians pitcher over the last 65 years to acquire at least 16 wins in his first 20 decisions in a season.
--he's the fastest pitcher in Indians history to reach 1,000 strikeouts and the 7th pitcher in MLB history to record 1,000 strikeouts by their 150th appearance.

not bad for a guy who missed a month after being placed on the 10-Day DL on May 3 with a lower back strain/tightness and didn't return until June 1. many more details on Kluber's 2017 season can be found in my Analyzing the Tribe's 2017 Season + Postseason blog and TribeVibe's blog on

Kluber is just the 19th pitcher in MLB history to win this award twice and first in Tribe history. he's also the first Indians pitcher to lead all of baseball in ERA since Mike Garcia in 1949.

prior to Kluber's two wins, no Indians player had won a Cy Young since Cliff Lee in 2008. they, along with CC Sabathia (2007) and Gaylord Perry (1972), are the only Tribesmen to win Cy Young Awards in franchise history.

bonus: the award comes with some bonus money worth $250,000. besides that, Kluber will get an additional $2 million increase on the base salary of the last three years of his contract (2019-2021), per Paul Hoynes' article.💰

photo courtesy of @castrovince on twitter

what does this second Cy Young Award mean to him? "i think that they're both obviously extremely special," Kluber remarked on the live MLB Network show, which is now archived in a video on "this one i guess, it's just another notch on the belt. i think i heard 19 people, so it's definitely pretty special."

is there something he can take from this year now being a two-time award winner, as he moves forward into next spring and on? "i think it's just a constant learning experience," Kluber confessed. "this year i dealt with a little bit more physically than i had in the past and you kinda learn how to deal with those different ups and downs and manage them throughout the course of a year. i think that there's different things that pop up for everybody, every player, every pitcher throughout the course of the year and like i said, you're always trying to learn from those experiences."

is this a win not only for him, but also for the Cleveland Indians? "absolutely. i mean i think that, obviously there's numerous people throughout the organization who are key to everybody's success. i think that, first and foremost, catchers, teammates, coaching staff, i mean the people that you're with every day. it might be an individual award, but it's definitely a lot of, a lot of people that go into those successes."

after the show, Kluber participated in a conference call with Cleveland reporters, but still wouldn't give up exactly what was ailing him in the postseason. "after a 162-game regular season, i don't think you're going to find anyone who is 100 percent by the time the postseason rolls around," he insisted in Hoynsie's article on "the only thing we can do is look forward to next season and try to have a better finish.

"i got hurt throughout the course of the season. the training staff, the strength staff, people like that, worked their butts off to get me back to a point where i felt i was able to pitch the way i felt i was capable of instead of going out there and hurting my team the way i did the first month of the year."

"i don't think it's fair to say this one means more than the first," Kluber explained about his second Cy Young. "to me the second one, personally, validates the first one so to speak. it's just another way to find that reassurance that when you go to the park when you're struggling, or when you're trying to work your way through things, you're always going to have that self-belief that even though at the time it seems like things might be going pretty poorly, you can work your way out of it."

congrats once more to Mr. Corey "Klubot" Kluber!🤖

and congratulations to Carlos "Cookie" Carrasco for finishing 4th in the voting (despite the two Cleveland reps voting him 5th lol)!🍪

"i'm very proud of him," Kluber praised in Hoynsie's article. "i think he would probably be the first to tell you he hasn't had the smoothest road to get to where he wanted to or maybe he thought he would be. but he's overcome a lot and turned out to be one of the premier pitchers in Major League Baseball. to finish fourth is nothing to brush aside. we feel incredibly good going into a game every time he takes the ball."

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