BBA Affiliation (12/14/15 - 10/1/17)

UPDATE: the Baseball Bloggers Alliance decided to disband at the end of the 2017 baseball season. as of October 1, 2017, i am not longer associated with this group.


before 2016 began, i decided to join the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. because of this new partnership, i now have the ability to post excerpts of select blogs on the BBA website. it's important to note that i do post there myself as an author with the username BrantleyBlogger. my goal in affiliating with the BBA was to direct more traffic to my blogspot, and potentially gain new readers/subscribers. i didn't personally know anyone else who's part of the BBA; i willingly went into it blind.

photo courtesy of the BBA

when i post to the BBA site, the Baseball Bloggers Alliance twitter account automatically tweets a link to that post. a link is posted to the BBA facebook page as well.

i am not currently a well-known blogger, but i have been writing very detailed blogs for most of this '10s decade thus far. so if you see my posts on the BBA site, please know that those excerpts are posted with my permission. the last thing i want is for people to see my excerpts on these other sites, and then try to come at me and claim that i am not the original author of these blogs. i would like to think that all the blogs i've written, specifically those from 2014 and 2015, speak for themselves and back me up that YES i am the writer. but if not, well that's why i'm taking the time to make that clear right here, right now.

regardless of wherever my excerpts are posted, they always link back to the full length blog which can only be found on my blogspot. otherwise, i never would have agreed to be part of this baseball networking community. however, i also want to let everyone know that i will NOT be posting excerpts from all my blogs on the BBA site. sometimes i post personal blogs, and those definitely do not need to be "teased" on any other websites. for that reason, i encourage you to follow MY twitter @clevelandgirl23 and subscribe to MY email list on MY blog so that you don't miss out on anything that i write.

so yeah, i'm going to continue posting on the BBA site this season and see how it goes. here's hoping this helps expose my writing to a broader audience and i can attract some new viewers!

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