Saturday, January 24, 2015

Another Brantley Bobblehead Giveaway!

today, on January 24, the Indians unveiled their 2015 promotional schedule at the 3rd annual Tribe Fest at Progressive Field. and i am very happy to report that there is a Michael Brantley bobblehead giveaway on the schedule for the Saturday, August 8 game against the Minnesota Twins! the first 15,000 fans will receive this bobble. game time is 7:05 pm and there will also be a Rock 'N Blast fireworks show after the game. you know i'll be there!

so the first thing i thought after seeing this promo was "is this the same bobblehead that they're giving away during spring training this year on March 7? the Silver Slugger bobble? or is it going to be different, and maybe somehow represent Michael being an MVP finalist or first time All Star?" since the specifics of the bobblehead were not made clear on the promo sched, i asked this very question,

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Brantley Ranked 3rd in MLB Network's Top 10 Left Fielders Right Now

tonight, on January 22 at 10 pm EST, MLB Network aired a show entitled "Top 10 Right Now: Left Fielders." it ranked the top 10 left field players currently in baseball going into 2015 according to MLB Network's Shredder. The Shredder takes many statistical factors into consideration and operates without bias when compiling these rankings, much to the dismay of a lot of fans. needless to say, this isn't a list worth taking too seriously one way or the other.

photo courtesy of @MLBNetwork twitter

even though Michael spent time in both left and center field last year, i knew he would be in this Top 10 list, and because of his stats from 2014, i assumed that he would probably place near the top. however,

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Brantley Finishes 3rd in MLB Network's 2014 Top Breakout Performers Countdown

tonight, on January 18 at 10 pm, MLB Network aired a show entitled "Top Breakout Performers Of 2014."

screenshot cropped off

knowing how close Michael Brantley was to winning the Breakout Player of the Year GIBBY Award, i figured he would be pretty high on this Top 40 countdown.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

And MLB Network's 2014 Face Of The Tribe Is...

...not Michael Brantley =(

yesterday i wrote that fans were able to vote for Michael for the Face of the Tribe by using the hashtags #MichaelBrantley and #FaceOfTRIBE on both twitter and facebook. this morning, MLB Network announced that the winner is Corey Kluber. congratulations!

photo courtesy of @MLBNetwork

on January 30, Kluber will go head-to-head with the Face of the Rays (who is being voted on right now) in his pursuit of becoming the 2014 Face of MLB. the bracket showing all the pairings can be found here.

i kind of assumed Kluber would end up winning because he won the 2014 AL Cy Young Award. but the vote was a lot closer than expected.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Brantley Silver Slugger Bobblehead Revealed

who's up for another Brantley surprise today? this one's pretty sweet.

so back on November 21, 2014, the Indians' promotional schedule for spring training 2015 came out and it included a Michael Brantley Silver Slugger Bobblehead giveaway on March 7. and if you recall, i was extremely upset about not being able to get this bobble.

well today, in honor of it being National Bobblehead Day, the Goodyear Ballpark twitter account revealed what Michael's special bobblehead looks like:

Vote Brantley For MLB Network's 2014 Face Of The Tribe!

Happy New Year, Brantley fans! i hope the offseason hasn't been too devoid of Brantley news for you. but i've got a surprise. the time has come for MLB Network's annual Face of MLB vote. fans have already chosen the faces of a number of teams, and today it's time to vote for the face of the Tribe.