Thursday, August 9, 2018

Brantley's 6th Career Walk-off!

hello, Brantley fans! today, August 9, was a special day for our boy because Michael Brantley got his first walk-off hit of the 2018 season in the game versus the Minnesota Twins!👏👏👏

photos courtesy of @Indians on twitter

here's how it went down. the Indians held a 4-1 lead until

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Brantley's 2018 #s Through July

hi there, Brantley fans! we are two-thirds of the way through with the 2018 baseball campaign, can you believe it? i mean, where has the time gone, am i right? sadder still is this means Cleveland Indians fans only have two months left (in the regular season, at least) to enjoy watching Michael play in a Tribe uniform before he becomes a free agent and most likely signs somewhere else. sigh.😟💔

to give you a brief summary of what's occurred thus far in Michael's season, he put up excellent performances in both April and May, but the past two months have been challenging to say the least. he's been struggling in some areas that he generally does very well in, particularly with runners in scoring position, on the road, and against left-handed pitching. normally one of the most consistent, reliable, and clutch hitters in the game, it's surprising that Michael is having trouble in these specific categories. there is definite room for improvement, as you will soon see, and i know he'd agree. with this being his walk-year especially, him playing well is very important. the good news is, he still has a good amount of time to turn things around. oh and on another positive note, he's remained healthy this year, too!😀🙏

okay, let's get to the numbers. in this blog, you will find Michael's 2018 regular season numbers and statistics covering March 29 - July 31.

so far in 2018, Michael has

Brantley's July 2018 #s

hey, Brantley fam! i hope you're all doing well! first, as always, i want to take a minute to thank everyone who read any or all of my previous stats blogs, including Brantley's June 2018 #s, Brantley's 2018 #s Through June, and Brantley's First Half 2018 #s.🕮

secondly, i have to acknowledge my Top 3 viewer countries from the last month, those being the United States, France, and Russia.🥇🥈🥉 thanks so much for coming here to get all your Michael Brantley news! i'm so grateful for your views! if i didn't shout out your location, leave it in a comment below and let me know you stopped by!🌎 make sure you're sharing my blogs with your friends, family, and other Dr. Smooth fans because that will definitely help your chances of getting in my top 3 audiences next month!😉 

okay, now it's time to dissect Michael's July!

July Overview

Michael achieved some big milestones in his career this month. he acquired his 500th career RBI, scored his 500th career run, played in his 1,000th Major League game, and set a new career high with