Saturday, July 28, 2018

Brantley's 1,000th Major League Game!

today, on July 28, 2018, Michael Brantley played in his 1,000th Major League game!👏👏👏 it came against the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park, while he bat 2nd in the lineup and started in left field. when it was over, the Indians lost, 2-1, and Michael went 2-for-4 at the plate. now let me break down all his trips to the plate and defensive plays from this very special day!❶⓿⓿⓿😀

photo courtesy of @Indians on twitter

in Michael's first at bat in the top of the 1st inning with 1 out and no score, he faced left-handed pitcher Blaine Hardy. after an 0-2 count, he hit a line drive single to center field. Francisco Lindor had been at 1st base to begin with after drawing a leadoff walk, but

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Brantley's Career All Star Game #s (Through 2018)

Michael Brantley is now a three-time All Star. he was selected to every game by his peers as an American League OF reserve. his first All Star Game, back during his 2014 season, was all new to him and more about the experience than the results. in his second Midsummer Classic last year, Michael got his first career ASG hit. and most recently, just yesterday in Michael's third affair, he acquired his first ever RBI in an All Star Game.👏👍

photo courtesy of @SportsTimeOhio on twitter

this blog combines Michael's stats from

Brantley's 2018 All Star Game Experience & #s (w/ Pics & Quotes)

Michael Brantley just played in his third career All Star Game⭐ tonight during the 89th annual affair on July 17, 2018, at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C., and i've got all the details!😀

note: this blog contains All Star-related information from three days total, covering July 15-17.

Prior to the All Star Break 

July 15: before the game versus the New York Yankees, Michael and his other All Star teammates received their 2018 American League All Star workout jerseys, which you can watch in this video from (Trevor Bauer was not there/photographed because he

Monday, July 16, 2018

Brantley's First Half 2018 #s

hello, Brantley faithful! the All Star Break is finally upon us. why do i say finally? because the break is later than normal this year due to extra off days having been added to the schedule. that makes it even more ironic to call what has passed thus far as the "first half," but that's just how it goes. this part of July has always been considered the halfway point in baseball regardless of teams having played more than 81 games--the true half mark in the sport. the Indians, in particular, have already played 95 games!

it won't be much of a break for those players who are going to the Midsummer Classic in Washington, D.C., however, and that includes our boy, Michael Brantley! in case you missed it, Michael was selected as an OF reserve for the American League team for the second straight ASG, third time overall in his career. so while he and the other All Stars prepare for the 89th annual affair, i shall provide you with Michael's first half numbers of 2018.

so far in 2018, Michael has 372 plate appearances and 341 at bats in 84 games (655.1 innings). in total, he has 105 hits, 38 extra base hits, 67 singles, 25 doubles, 1 triple, 12 home runs (2 grand slams), 56 RBI, 4 sac flies, 55 runs, 25 walks, 2 hit by pitches, 6 stolen bases (2nd), 3 caught stealing (2 - 2nd, 1 - 3rd), 3 reached on fielder's choice, 1 reached on forceout, 2 reached on fielding error, 1 reached on throwing error, 10

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Brantley Named to MLB's 2018 AL All Star Team!

third time's the charm! hi, Brantley fans! our boy Michael has been named an All Star for the second year in a row and is going to Nationals Park in Washington, D.C., on July 17 as an American League outfield reserve!⭐⭐⭐👏👏👏

the happy news came tonight, on July 8 during ESPN's All Star Selection Show. Mookie Betts of the Boston Red Sox, Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels, and Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees are the starting outfielders for the American League team, which we basically already knew weeks ago. as soon as the very first AL All Star ballot updates came out, it was pretty apparent that those three would be starters.

Michael was in 4th place on the fan ballot for the first two updates before he fell to 5th on the third released update. then, on July 2, MLB Communications posted one last voting update and Michael remained in 5th place. though he'd gained 299,302 votes since June 26, he was 48,285 votes behind George Springer of the Houston Astros and 927,972 votes behind 3rd starter Judge. Betts held a whooping 2,025,730-vote lead on Michael, who was only ahead of 6th place Andrew Benintendi of the Red Sox by 22,241 votes. Brant was never really in the running to start, sadly.

thankfully, Michael was selected by his peers to be an AL All Star reserve player for the third time in his career! he's the only Indians outfielder to

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Brantley Acquires 500th Career RBI!

Happy 4th of July, Brantley fans!🎆 i wanted to take a minute to commemorate another big achievement in Michael's career. tonight, in the game against the Kansas City Royals at Kauffman Stadium, Michael acquired his 500th run batted in!❺⓿⓿

it came in the top of the 1st inning with no outs, no score, and Francisco Lindor at 2nd base. well, Frankie was actually at 1st base after drawing a walk when Michael's at bat began. right-handed pitcher Trevor Oaks threw Michael a called strike, which Lindor ran on to steal 2nd. Michael fouled the next pitch down the right field line in the front row of seats before taking a ball. Michael fouled Oaks' fourth offering off to the left side. then, on the 5th pitch of a 1-2 count, Michael hit a go-ahead, line drive double to right field that easily scored Lindor, giving him RBI #500 in his 982nd Major League game and the Indians a 1-0 lead. congratulations!👏👊🙌😀

throughout Michael's 10 years in the majors, he's spent time batting in every spot in the order. coming into this game, here are his stats in each BOP:

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Brantley's 2018 #s Through June (+ All Star Ballot Results)

hey, Brantley fans! so we're already halfway through the season in terms of both games--81 down, 81 to go--and months. the year is just flying by. luckily, i've been keeping busy with my blog work in an attempt to distract myself from the reality that there are only three months left in the Michael Brantley Era in Cleveland... the tears will be coming, but for now, i'm trying to enjoy every day that he's still playing in a Tribe uniform.😔

to recap Michael's season thus far, he had a very hot start to 2018, but has since cooled off. if you read through my Brantley's June 2018 #s blog, then you know he struggled in just about every facet of the game. it was very disheartening to see Michael go from batting .366 (30-for-82) during his 19-game hitting streak in May, to batting .243 (25-for-103) over his next 26 games, including nine 0-fers, since then. however, because he excelled so much in both March/April and May, the majority of his overall numbers and situational statistics remain strong.

another big positive is, he's been healthy. not only that, but the extra off days Terry Francona was giving Michael in the beginning of the campaign are no longer necessary. i think we can officially stop worrying about his ankle now (knock on wood👊). and here's hoping that the new calendar month will bring Michael back to the high level of performance that we're used to and he's capable of.

this post contains Michael's