Thursday, November 30, 2017

Brantley News from November 2017 & Why He Shouldn't Move to 1st Base

hello, Brantley fans! how's your offseason going? good i hope. earlier today, i posted a quick and unexpected, albeit very pleasant surprise involving Michael. now i've got a monthly news post for ya, except it's not so much "news" as it is complaints and speculation. this blog starts off on a positive note, then evolves into disappointment from fans over the Indians' decision to keep Michael for $12 million.🙄

in addition, it contains numerous article blurbs stating that Dr. Smooth could be in for a position change in 2018. that prompted me to take some time and make a compelling argument detailing why Michael should remain the Tribe's left fielder next season and not move to 1st base. so let's get into it!

for information about Michael from October (following the Tribe's elimination from the postseason), check out my Brantley News from October 2017 blog.

November 3: the Cleveland Indians announced that they

Brantley Confirmed for Tribe Fest 2018

hey all! Tribe Fest is back and bigger than ever! and surprise, surprise! today, on November 30, the Indians announced that Michael Brantley has confirmed to attend the 6th annual event, presented by KeyBank.

photo courtesy of @Indians on twitter

this year, the one-day event will be held on Saturday, January 20, 2018, at a new venue

Friday, November 24, 2017

Tribe Needs: Looking Ahead to 2018

the Cleveland Indians created many incredible moments and memories throughout their 2017 regular season. despite that, the team seemingly took a step backwards by not even making it out of the first round of the playoffs. so now i'm going to look ahead and try to figure out what the Tribe's needs are and who they should aim to acquire in order to not only get back to the World Series, but hopefully win it in 2018.

the Indians have most of their core players under contract for next season, which is great news. on the contrary, they did lose a couple key guys to free agency who must be replaced. that's where the front office comes in. a few pieces are all that's really required to complete the roster; however, determining if there's anyone internally that can fill their needs or if they'll have to go outside the organization to find what they seek will be no small task. some of these decisions may not be made or finalized until February. as we're waiting, i'm going to take on the role of the general manager and see what i can come up with.

this blog contains the following:
--Indians players already on the 2018 roster
--players the Indians have lost to free agency
--contract extension ideas
--the approximate 2018 payroll
--Tribe needs for 2018

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Corey Kluber Wins BBWAA's 2017 AL Cy Young Award!

it's week two of the baseball awards and the Indians have yet another winner in their midst. this evening, on November 15, it was announced that Corey Kluber won Baseball Writers' Association of America's 2017 American League Cy Young Award! this is Kluber's second Cy Young of his career, having previously won it in 2014. congratulations, Klubes!👏

photo courtesy of @MLB on twitter

this year, Kluber was a Cy Young finalist along with Chris Sale of the Boston Red Sox and Luis Severino of the New York Yankees. he finished with

Friday, November 10, 2017

Carlos Santana Wins Wilson's 2017 Defensive Player of the Year Award!

another day, another trophy for an Indians player! this evening, on November 10, it was announced that Carlos Santana won Wilson Sporting Good's 2017 Defensive Player of the Year Award at 1st base! this is the first Defensive Player of the Year Award of his career. congratulations, Santana!👏

photo courtesy of @Indians on twitter

created by Wilson in 2012 to recognize the best defensive players in the game, this award uses several defensive metrics to determine its nine winners. a player's defensive WAR (wins above replacement) counts for 25%, Defensive Runs Saved factors in by another 25%, Inside Edge field ratings and Inside Edge arm ratings are 20% apiece, and the final 10% is based on

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Lindor & Ramirez Win Louisville Slugger's 2017 Silver Slugger Awards!

baseball awards season is well underway and this evening, on November 9, it was revealed that two members of the Cleveland Indians won Silver Slugger Awards for the first time in their careers! Francisco Lindor won Louisville Slugger's 2017 American League Shortstop Silver Slugger Award & Jose Ramirez won Louisville Slugger's 2017 American League 3rd Baseman Silver Slugger Award! congratulations, boys!👏

photos courtesy of @Indians on twitter

Louisville Slugger's Silver Slugger Award is Major

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

My Final #s for the Cleveland Indians' 2017 Season

after weeks of focusing on Michael Brantley and the rest of the Tribe's performances for the 2017 season, now i get to look back and see how i did. this is my annual My Final #s blog, where i peruse through all of the baseball stuff that i acquired in 2017. my collection generally consists of player autographs, baseballs, pictures and videos i took while at games, and photos of me with baseball players. i never heavily promote this blog because it's one of my more delicate posts on here and can be perceived as bragging. but if you're subscribed to my mailing list, then you got direct access to the link. so let's see if i achieved any records or personal bests during this past baseball season.


for those of you who don't already know, i am a Ride or Die Tribe fan currently living in the Western New York area outside of Buffalo. this is not the most ideal location to be a fan of the Indians because STO is blacked out on the MLB Package here. so i cannot watch the games on TV unless they're on a national channel such as FOX, MLB Network, ESPN, or YES. thankfully, i can rely on the internet for game highlights and photos, and i always listen to Tom Hamilton broadcast the games on WTAM 1100 and/or 100.7 WMMS through my Gameday audio subscription. Hammy's the best! when i do go to Cleveland for Tribe games, i still

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Analyzing the Tribe's 2017 Season + Postseason

the Cleveland Indians won over 100 games this season, 102 to be exact, for only the second time in franchise history and first time since 1954. they were the favorites to win the American League pennant and many predicted them to win the World Series as well. unfortunately, to every Tribe fan's dismay, they didn't even make it out of the Division Series. so while the 2017 regular season was exciting and filled with highlights, the postseason was crushing. now i'm here to give you a final recap of the Tribe's year and my annual player evaluations.

and i want to apologize for posting this later than i would have liked. once i started going back over all the players' seasons and postseasons, i realized there was quite a lot to cover and i needed to make sure i included all the big and important stuff. i was very thorough and i hope you enjoy my analysis!

note: this blog is LONG, and i do mean LONG. feel free to just read what you like about who you like and what interests you the most. or, read it all over several days. whatever you prefer.📖✌☮

Looking Back at the Team's Most Memorable Moments

i'm going to spotlight some of the Tribe's best and worst moments from the 2017 campaign now. because i

Friday, November 3, 2017

Indians Exercise Brantley's $12 Million Option for 2018!

hello, Brantley fans! it is a good day! why? because today, on November 3, the Cleveland Indians announced that they have exercised Michael Brantley's $12 million club option for 2018!😂😌👏🙌 Josh Tomlin's $3 million club option was picked up as well. the deadline for the decision(s) was tomorrow at midnight. congratulations on continuing to be two of the longest tenured players in the organization!

photo courtesy of @SportsTimeOhio on twitter

"Josh and Michael have been integral parts of our team for the last number of years," President of Baseball Operations Chris Antonetti said via