Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sneak Peek of the Michael Brantley Bobblehead Giveaway

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here it is. the Michael Brantley bobblehead that's being given away to the first 12,500 fans who attend the Labor Day game vs. the Detroit Tigers on September 1, 2014. this is not the best photo of the bobble, but it's the only one i could find online right now. so let's critique it, shall we?

i know bobbles don't normally look much like the player, but at first glance i think this is one of the worst bobbles i've ever seen. unless i need to go get my eyes checked, this pic makes Michael look light-skinned. so right off the bat, i'm not feeling this.

and what is this pose? the Indians obviously wanted to make this a catch bobble, but that's a very unrealistic catch position. they couldn't make an over-the-shoulder catch? or at least put his glove hand down so the ball is falling into his glove. i wasn't expecting a diving catch because they just did one of those for Bourn earlier this year, but even a newbie baseball fan knows that a player doesn't just hold his arm up next to his head to make a catch. and his footing doesn't work with this "catch" either. the best theory i can come up with for this bobblehead is that Michael is currently in the middle of transferring the ball from his glove to his throwing hand and is about to throw the ball in to a cut-off man. and even that's a bit of a stretch. i mean why would you want to capture that moment in bobble form? i don't get it.

why couldn't they just make Michael's bobble an All Star bobble? that would have been a sweet bobblehead. even Michael in his batting stance would have been better. seriously, who was the designer of this concept? it's not great.

i also dislike that they gave him the cream colored home jersey. so, if this is true to form, that means his name's not going to be on the back of the jersey; only his number (23) will. (when i actually get this bobble in my possession, i will confirm or deny this in a new blog. with bigger pictures.) and because he's wearing the cream jersey, he's gotta wear the hat that goes with it, the C instead of the Wahoo. i'd rather he be rocking the chief on his hat. not to mention i don't like that he's got long sleeves on. is that supposed to represent him at the home opener when it was cold or something? idk.

i'm disappointed in the (lack of) likeness of this bobble, i can't lie. there are many other player bobbleheads out there that are more true to reality and i'm sad his isn't. and because Michael is currently the best player on the team, i think this bobblehead really should have been made with better attention to detail. but maybe i'm just biased because i'm his #1 fan.

regardless, i will be attending the Labor Day game and getting this bobble. who knows? i might actually like it when i see it in person lol i've wanted the Tribe to do a Michael bobble giveaway for so long and i'm very happy he finally got one. if i'm lucky, i'll get Michael to sign it, but considering the fact that i haven't gotten his autograph once yet this season, i'm not going to hold my breath. hopefully he'll take time after the game and sign autos in the players parking lot and i can get it then.

so congrats on your bobble, Michael! and good luck to you in your final month of the season. this has been one hell of a career year for you and i am so proud of you! =D

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