Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Brantley Finishes 3rd For Sporting News' 2018 AL Comeback Player of the Year Award

hey, Brantley fans. i've got another (quick) post for you because today, on October 16, Sporting News announced their winner for AL Comeback Player of the Year. Michael received votes, but ultimately finished in 3rd place while David Price of the Boston Red Sox was named the 2018 Comeback Player in the American League.

this award, given out by Sporting News since 1965, is voted on by the players. there is no set criteria for what makes a player eligible for the Comeback Award, so the players get to decide on their own which of their peers' "career downturns" was significant enough to be considered. the fact that someone missed a year due to an injury is not always a factor in the voting for a Comeback Player. ballots were cast in early September and 14 players in the American League received at least one vote.

according to the article by Ryan Fagan, Price led the way with 20 votes. Edwin Jackson of the Oakland Athletics got 16 total votes, Michael got
13, and Nathan Eovaldi of the Red Sox got 10. Michael is the only position player among these top vote-getters. the other 10 guys to receive votes were not made public.

Michael's comeback came after playing just 90 games in 2017 because of a deltoid ligament sprain and ankle synovitis, which he eventually had offseason surgery for. this year, he played in 143 games. his numbers read as: 176 hits, 55 extra base hits, 121 singles, 36 doubles, 2 triples, 17 home runs (2 grand slams), 76 RBI, 6 sac flies, 89 runs, 48 walks, 5 hit by pitches, 12 stolen bases (11 - 2nd, 1 - 3rd), 3 caught stealing (2 - 2nd, 1 - 3rd), 7 reached on fielder's choice, 2 reached on forceout, 4 reached on fielding error, 1 reached on throwing error, 1 reached on catcher interference, 1 reached on passed ball, 1 sac bunt, 15 GIDP, 60 strikeouts (46 swinging, 14 looking), 40 first at bat hits, 267 total bases, 204 left on base, 631 plate appearances, 570 at bats, .309 batting average, .364 OBP, .468 SLG, and .832 OPS. in left field, he played in 134 games and totaled 1136.1 innings, 221 putouts, 6 assists, 1 error, 2 double plays, and a .996 fielding percentage.

Price came back this season from an elbow injury last year. his numbers read as: 30 games, 3.58 ERA, 16-7 record, 176.0 innings, 151 hits, 25 home runs, 75 runs, 177 strikeouts, and 50 walks.

Jackson was released by the Washington Nationals early in the year and then signed with Oakland on June 6. his numbers read as: 17 games, 3.33 ERA, 6-3 record, 92.0 innings, 75 hits, 12 home runs, 37 runs, 68 strikeouts, and 37 walks.

Eovaldi missed all of 2017 after elbow surgery. this year, he was traded from the Tampa Bay Rays to the Red Sox on July 25. in total, his numbers read as: 22 games, 3.81 ERA, 6-7 record, 111.0 innings, 105 hits, 14 home runs, 55 runs, 101 strikeouts, and 20 walks.

the good news is Michael still has a shot to win the Players Choice Awards' AL Comeback Player of the Year, as he was named a finalist for that award today as well. however, seeing as how that is also voted on by players, i'm not sure if he's got much of a realistic chance.😟 you can read more details about that in my previous blog: Brantley Named Finalist For Players Choice Awards' 2018 AL Comeback Player of the Year.

keep following me on twitter @clevelandgirl23 for news about Michael. we're about two and a half weeks away from finding out if the Indians will extend a one-year, $17.9 million qualifying offer to him and i will have that on my timeline once it's revealed. i still have my #CelebratingMichaelBrantley series going, too, and will continue with that every Monday until the playoffs are over. if you missed any of the special moments from Michael's career with the Tribe that i spotlighted during the regular season, just click the hashtag and you can browse back through the tweets. don't be shy; add comments and your favorite Michael memories to the thread!🎉

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