Sunday, April 24, 2016

Vote Brantley For MLB's 2016 All Star Game!

hey there baseball and Michael Brantley fans! it's the last week of April and you know what that means--it's time to start voting for your 2016 MLB All Star players!

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there's a very high probability that Michael will be activated off the DL tomorrow, on April 25. and if not tomorrow, then certainly later this week. just because Michael spent all of April thus far on the disabled list, that's no reason not to vote him to the Midsummer Classic. sadly, he was not selected to the American League All Star team last year, but he did make the 2014 team as a reserve. let's get him back to the ASG for his second appearance in three years, shall we?

in my humble opinion, Michael should not be penalized because
he suffered a right labral tear last season, had to endure an offseason shoulder surgery, and then opened the 2016 regular season on the 15-day DL because he required extra time to fully recover. he deserves a spot on the All Star squad as much as anyone else due to his outstanding track record and reputation as one of the Indians' best players, and we fans need to do our job to help him earn that spot.

so how can you vote? with the same format that was implemented a year ago--online and text messaging only. to vote online, all you need is a valid email address. however, the rules are a bit different, no doubt partly in thanks to what occurred last year with most of the Kansas City Royals leading the voting lol you can still vote up to 35 times per email address with your computer, smartphone, or tablet. BUT, now you can only vote 5 times per 24 hours. that means, if you vote 5 times every day, it will take you one week to fully exercise all 35 of your votes with one email.

not liking that? well don't fret because, of course, i found a loophole. if you have more than one email address, which i think most people do in this day and age, then you can take advantage of that and start using your 5 votes per day quota with another email immediately after you've reached your maximum 5 votes with the previous email you provided on the ballot. just don't forget to use all 35 of your votes for every email account you submit!

another way to vote is by having an esurance All Star ballot sent directly to your phone. residents in the United States can text "VOTE" to 89269, while residents in Canada should text "VOTE" to 101010. need a Spanish ballot? text "VOTA" to whichever number is relevant to you instead.

voting is open now until June 30 at 11:59 pm ET, so you have plenty of time to get your votes in. no excuses! TO VOTE ONLINE FOR MICHAEL FOR THE 2016 AL ALL STAR TEAM, CLICK HERE. and please encourage all your friends to vote for Michael as well! not gonna lie, splitting votes every day per email is gonna be annoying, but i'll do it for Michael!

make sure you're following me on twitter @clevelandgirl23 because as the weekly ballot results start becoming available online, i will be re-tweeting those so we can all see the progress Michael is making. i also plan to include the outfield results in my monthly Brantley blogs, where i will document how many votes he received per week and if his rank goes up or down. the best way to be alerted to new blogs i post is to be subscribed to my emailing list over on the right side of my blog!

the final results of the All Star ballots will be revealed shortly after voting closes. the 87th annual All Star game is set to be hosted in San Diego, California at Petco Park on Tuesday, July 12. it will air on FOX, with festivities beginning at 7:30 pm ET.

now before anyone starts to mistakenly criticize me, i gotta say i'm not against you voting for other Cleveland Indians players. i believe we have several players who are realistic options for this year's AL All Star team and, if you so desire, you can vote for everyone in our starting 9. Go Tribe Pride! that's fine by me. i'm simply rallying around Michael, because that's what i, his #1 fan, always do, and i want to motivate fans to remember to vote for Michael, too, while we wait for him to come off the DL and then build up his stats (which i'm confident he will do as the season rolls on).

let me leave you with this hypothetical: i don't want to get into July and hear fans say, "Michael's batting [like .300], how come he's not going to the All Star game?" cause then i'll have to be like, "because people didn't start voting for him soon enough, and i knew this was gonna happen!" lol so VOTE NOW and vote often!

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