Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Brantley Silver Slugger Bobblehead Revealed

who's up for another Brantley surprise today? this one's pretty sweet.

so back on November 21, 2014, the Indians' promotional schedule for spring training 2015 came out and it included a Michael Brantley Silver Slugger Bobblehead giveaway on March 7. and if you recall, i was extremely upset about not being able to get this bobble.

well today, in honor of it being National Bobblehead Day, the Goodyear Ballpark twitter account revealed what Michael's special bobblehead looks like:

photo cropped from @GoodyearBP

this is SO much nicer than the "awkward catch" bobblehead that the Indians gave away last season on September 1. i love everything about this one, from those cool red shades to his silver bat. and it actually looks like him this time. those facial features are on point; that's definitely the Brantley nose and smile lol

i would give just about anything to add this to my Brantley collection. why the Indians opted not to do this giveaway during the upcoming season, i may never know. i believe this would have been better celebrated at Progressive Field, and Michael certainly deserves as much recognition for his Silver Slugger Award as he can get.

if you are also in the same boat as i am, wanting this bobble but not having the ability to go to spring training in Arizona to acquire it, i may be able to offer a little shred of hope. there are no guarantees but, at some point, it might be for sale, potentially at one of those vendor areas outside Progressive Field (across from Gate C and across the street from the Thirsty Parrot). or it could end up online on a website such as ebay. after all, some "collectors" only collect things so that they can re-sell them. however, all the items that the vendors sell are usually a bit overpriced. and who knows how many bobbleheads will even be available to purchase. remember, only the 1st 1,500 people at the March 7 game will receive this bobble. therefore, there may not be many extras for anyone to sell at a later date.

personally, being the Brantley fanatic that i am, i wouldn't rule out (over)paying for a bobblehead that was given away for free. it might be the only way that this limited edition Silver Slugger bobble ever falls into the hands of Michael's #1 fan, as it rightfully should be lol ;D

so if there's anyone out there who could possibly help me in my quest to attain this bobble, please let me know. and should this bobble end up in my possession, i will do a more detailed/in-depth review of it. just from the pic though, it looks awesome. i can already tell, the designer and manufacturer did a great job on this one. #ineedAllThingsBrantley #ineedthisbobblehead

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