Friday, October 24, 2014

Brantley Finishes 2nd For Baseball Bloggers Alliance's 2014 AL Stan Musial Award

this must be baseball award week because it was announced today, on October 24, that Michael finished 2nd for the Baseball Bloggers Alliance's 2014 American League Stan Musial Award! congratulations on another new career first!

okay this is one award that i was completely unfamiliar with, so i did my due diligence in research to provide my readers with a little background. the Stan Musial Award is voted on by the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, which is constructed similarly to the Baseball Writers' Association of America, and goes to the best overall player of the season. BBA is made up of baseball bloggers for most of the 30 MLB teams and general baseball fan writers. it was formed in the fall of 2009 and currently contains 215 blogs.

when several blogs cover the same major league team, those blogs are grouped into "chapters," and only 2 votes from one chapter are counted towards the results. the general fan writing is also grouped into chapters and they have 2 votes each as well, however they don't have to vote for both leagues. so how exactly do these chapters get to vote then, you ask? by one of two ways--either each chapter has a representative who gets the ballots for voting, or a group ballot is posted.

the BBA voting results generally come out before MLB's official awards. but over the past 5 years, the BBA winners have been mostly the same as those from the BBWAA's results.

here are the complete results, totaling 870 points, for the 2014 American League Stan Musial Award:

Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels - 195*
Michael Brantley, Cleveland Indians - 105
Jose Bautista, Toronto Blue Jays - 74
Corey Kluber, Cleveland Indians - 67
Victor Martinez, Detroit Tigers - 66
Josh Donaldson, Oakland Athletics - 65
Jose Abreu, Chicago White Sox - 51
Felix Hernandez, Seattle Mariners - 47
Alex Gordon, Kansas City Royals - 45
Jose Altuve, Houston Astros - 44
Robinson Cano, Seattle Mariners - 35
Adrian Beltre, Texas Rangers - 29
Ian Kinsler, Detroit Tigers - 12
Nelson Cruz, Baltimore Orioles - 9
Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers - 8
Adam Jones, Baltimore Orioles - 7
David Price, Tampa Bay Rays/Detroit Tigers - 4
Phil Hughes, Minnesota Twins - 3
Brian Dozier, Minnesota Twins - 2
Jon Lester, Boston Red Sox/Oakland Athletics - 2

*Trout received all 15 first place votes
(a quick calculation shows that a 1st place vote equals 13 points for this award)

for the 3rd year in a row, Mike Trout won the AL Stan Musial Award. he basically won in a landslide, too, despite 2014 being his worst season in the majors. Trout's bWAR of 7.9 clearly weighed heavily in the decision, not to mention this being the first year that the Angels made the playoffs since he's been on the team.

my boy Michael placed 2nd with 105 points. he was the only other player on this list besides Trout to get over 100 points. good job, Michael! i like these results WAY better than Sporting News' by the way lol ;D

also, congrats to Corey Kluber, the other member of the Indians on the list, who finished 4th with a respectable 67 points.

what list of voting results will Michael appear on next? keep checking back, as i'll continue to blog all the awards i read about.

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