Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Let's Talk Indians Attendance

let's talk about attendance for a minute. the Indians attendance numbers for the most part have been embarrassing all year, but they are really embarrassing as of late. the team has drastically improved from a year ago. we aren't going to lose 90+ games again. it's September and we're still very much in the race for a wild card spot, yet "fans" still won't go to the ballpark. they didn't even have 10,000 fans at tonight's game. i'm fuckin over it.

i'm tired of the excuses. i don't wanna hear that kids are back in school now. well what was the excuse when the kids were out of school and the Indians still weren't getting big crowds?

i don't wanna hear it's getting colder now. there were plenty of nice summer nights that should have brought lots of fans in yet didn't.

and i really don't wanna hear that it's too expensive. if you think going to a game is too expensive, then you better be piss fuck poor. i really believe that people make up bullshit in their mind as reason not to go to games. either that, or they're not really that good of fans to begin with.

let's go over just how "expensive" going to a Cleveland Indians game is, shall we?

there are limited numbers of $10 bleacher seats for every game. no, you won't get them if you wait until the day of the game, so plan ahead. also, there are many cheap tickets available on the online ticket seller sites, such as Stubhub. if you really want to be there and don't have a lot of money, you will buy a cheap seat.

so at this point, you can get a ticket for $10 and then all you have to pay for on top of that is gas and parking. if you know where to park downtown and don't mind walking 5 minutes to the ballpark, then you can park for under $10. and something tells me that you would be putting gas in your car at some point anyways, no matter where you went during the week, so i don't see that as too much extra money breaking your bank. (unless you live far away like i do. then you may need to save up/put aside some extra gas money.)

alright, so far it's really NOT that expensive right?

now you ask me about concessions. first off, they lowered food prices, so certain foods and drinks don't cost as much as they used to. and hello! you can bring you own damn food/snacks/drink in and virtually spend NOTHING on eating. you would have to eat anyways if you weren't at a game, so again that isn't really adding any more money to the pile. make a sandwich to bring, grab a sub from Subway or a burger from a fast food place, and bring a beverage. whatever you would normally eat, unless you're hardcore cooking a huge dinner, just bring that to the game. boom, done.

and do you really need alcohol? well if you do, let me remind you that the Indians currently have the 4th lowest beer prices out of all the major league ballparks. so you're getting a deal there. and seriously, maybe try being a DD for a night if you're that strapped for cash.

but if all this is STILL too expensive for you to go to a ballgame, then i better not hear about you gallivanting to other places. if you can afford to go to a movie, you can go to a ballgame. if you can afford to go out to a nice restaurant one night, you can go to a ballgame. if you can afford a trip to the casino, you have a gambling problem. jk, you can go to a ballgame. if you can go to a bar at night and spend money on drinks for yourself and/or any women you meet, you can go to a ballgame. if you can go on a family vacation, like hell you can't go to a ballgame. if you can afford to do any of the above and have any type of social life, then there is no reason you can't go to a ballgame. I DON'T WANNA HEAR THE FUCKING BULLSHIT EXCUSES ANYMORE.

i KNOW a lot of people who aren't going to games simply aren't going because they don't think the team is going to win and they don't want to potentially watch the team lose. what kind of fan are you then? if you're not gonna support the team through both the good times and the bad times, then you might as well just give up the sport. and that goes for ANY fan of ANY sport. it's not fair for a "fan" to disappear when times get tough and then just show up again when things have turned the corner. if you think the team should be perfect for all 162 games, then you have an unrealistic view of sports, and probably life too. if you can't deal with the bad times a team is going through, how do you deal with the struggles you go through in your life? oh you don't have any? your life is perfect? give me a break. life is tough, get a helmet, and don't be a bandwagon fan. (or if you are a bandwagon fan, then at least admit it. i won't get along with you, but at least i'll understand where your nonsense is coming from.)

the Indians went out and actually spent money during the offseason to bring guys in that we desperately needed. no, they aren't batting .300 and knocking homers out of the park every game, but trust me, things would be a lot worse if we stuck with some of the players we had on the team from last year. if you're disappointed because the Indians may not make the playoffs this year, i think you put too high of an expectation on this team. i said plenty of times before that it's very hard to go from losing 94 games to making the playoffs in one year's time. besides, Cleveland fans should be used to losing anyways. we joke about "there's always next year" but when that becomes reality, idk i guess some people can't handle it.

but the Indians finally did what fans wanted them to do. they did what fans said would get them back to the ballpark. yet here we stand, still with one of the lowest overall attendance numbers in the whole league. it's ridiculous and embarrassing. the Indians shouldn't have to "earn" anybody's support. that is straight bullshit. either love em regardless or don't love em at all, but i am so done with the excuses.

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