Friday, September 6, 2013

Introduction Blog: Who Am I?

the first thing you need to know about me is i am a Ride Or Die Cleveland Indians fan. i don't like bandwagon bitches and i'll never apologize for my passion. i never give up on a game before it's over. i am currently in my 3rd consecutive year of not having missed so much as 1 out of 1 inning in 1 game. i will rearrange my social life, doc appts, etc. so that i don't miss games. and i do all this w/o having the benefit of actually watching Indians games. i live in an area of NY where Cleveland games are blacked out on the MLB Package. therefore, i have to listen to every game on my computer with GameDay audio. it's not that bad, as i love me some Hammy calls. but idk how many other people in my shoes would do this for 162 games a year, every year.

the amount of articles and Tribe writer tweets i read every day is astounding. not to toot my own horn but i can't even count how many times someone had a Tribe question and i had the answer for them. at least that's how it was on the message board i used to post on. i also listen to (and transcribed for the message board) Terry Pluto and Hoynsie's podcasts every week. you can trust that i know what's going on.

the second thing you need to know about me is that I AM MICHAEL BRANTLEY'S #1 FAN. that is not debatable. nobody dedicates as much time as i do to documenting all his #s and keeping track of what he does every game. until someone else gets his autograph 10 times, bookmarks all his videos, takes screen caps of videos he's in, saves his online pictures, and can proudly declare they supported him back in 2010 when his BA was as low as .118, you cannot argue this fact with me. not to mention the countless pictures and videos i myself take of him whenever i go to Cleveland for Tribe games.

i made the first "Michael Brantley's #1 fan" sign in 2010, which lured him over to my section before a game and got me my first Brantley autograph along with a big smile from Michael. as of September 2013, i currently have 10 Brantley autographs.

i made a personalized women's sized Brantley jersey in 2010 before most people even knew who he was, long before they sold his jerseys in the team shop, and way before he became the consistent hitter he is today. i also made a personalized blue Brantley shirt before everyone else too. i have his red player signature shirt as well. and thanks to a Brantley jersey giveaway in July 2013, i added TWO replica Brantley jerseys to my collection. just don't challenge me on this #1 fan business because you're gonna make yourself look bad.

my monthly Brantley blogs should support my cause as well. i take notes during every game Michael plays and write down all his game stats in a notebook, which later get written up into my blogs. i calculate all his final #s myself. i do not just pull his numbers off a statistics website. hell, i am turning into his statistics website now.

i really needed a new place to post my monthly Brantley blogs and thought it was about time i got myself a blogspot. so here it is. to anyone who takes the time to read through all my blogs and Brantley stats, thank you, i appreciate the support. and spread the word if you like.

if there's anything you need to know about Brantley, i'm your girl =D

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