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Brantley's Career High 24-Game On-Base Streak at Home!

hi, Brantley fans! i've got a quickie little blog for you today because this evening, on June 23, Michael set a new career high when he got on base in the game versus the Chicago White Sox, giving him a 24-game on-base streak at home! congratulations, Dr. Smooth!👏

the record materialized in his first plate appearance during the bottom of the 1st inning with Francisco Lindor at 1st base, no outs, and no score. left-handed pitcher Francisco Liriano, having just been activated from the disabled list, was on the mound for the White Sox and after a 3-1 count, Michael drew a walk. the pitch sequence went: ball,
foul left side, ball, ball, ball.

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and with that base on balls, Michael acquired a new career mark of getting on base in 24 straight games at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario! it's the longest home on-base streak by an Indians player so far this year! Michael also now has an 11-game on-base streak overall. way to go, Brant!👌

Michael's active 24-game on-base streak at home began back on May 1. it spans over May 1-3 (including a doubleheader on May 3), May 11-13, May 24-30, June 5-6, June 15-20, and June 22 to the present. during all that time, Michael safely reached base in each game via either a single, double, home run, grand slam, walk, hit by pitch, throwing error, or fielding error. that's very impressive, if you ask me. additionally, between May 1 and June 6, Michael had a 16-game home hitting streak, falling a mere three shy of his career high for hitting in continuous games at home (set in 2014).

this isn't quite the longest home on-base streak in recent franchise history, however. Jason Kipnis put together a 31-game on-base streak at home in 2015, greatly thanks to his 29-game home hitting streak--a Progressive Field record which surpassed Michael's 19-gamer from the previous season. and speaking of hitting streaks, that particular club home record, established in 1936, stands at 31 games and belongs to Hal Trosky, per Paul Hoynes' article on (irrespective of the Tribe's specific home ballpark, obviously). the 1st baseman amassed a 43-game on-base streak at League Park that year as well. wow.

formerly, Michael's home on-base record was 23 games in a row. he first achieved that feat in 2012 between May 20 and July 8. he reached base in 23 consecutive contests again in 2014 between games on April 9 and May 30 at Progressive Field.

so congrats to Michael for obtaining yet another career high! and it might not be finalized because the Tribe has one more home game left in June, and if he can find a way to get on base at least once tomorrow, then he will further add to his personal best! after that, the Indians don't return to Cleveland until July 6, where they'll finish out the first half of the season with a 10-game homestand. Michael's been an extraordinary hitter at home, batting .350 coming into today (fifth best in the American League among qualifying players), so it's highly probable he will tack more games on to this outstanding streak!

if you think this warrants Michael a trip to Washington, D.C., for the 89th annual All Star Game, then please learn how to VOTE FOR MICHAEL HERE!

now let's take a look at my game-by-game numbers and notes from the games within Michael's home on-base streak (pulled from the Brantley's May 2018 #s blog and my upcoming Brantley's June 2018 #s blog):

1. Game 19 of 28, May 1: 1-6, grand slam, run. AVG: .329

2. Game 20 of 29, May 2: 2-5, RBI single (first at bat), run, double. AVG: .333

3. Game 21 of 30, May 3 (Game 1): 4-5, single, run, walk, double, reached 2nd
    base on fielding error RBI double, double, run. AVG: .360

4. Game 22 of 31, May 3 (Game 2): 1-3, single (first at bat), RBI sac fly, walk. AVG:

    ^^Michael was lifted for a pinch runner in the bottom of the 7th inning after
    drawing a walk.^^

5. Game 27 of 37, May 11: 2-5, single (first at bat), run, grand slam, run. AVG: .327

6. Game 28 of 38, May 12: 3-4, RBI single (first at bat), RBI double, run, single, run.
    AVG: .342

7. Game 29 of 39, May 13: 1-5, RBI fielder's choice, run, 2-run home run, run. AVG:

8. Game 38 of 48, May 24: 1-4, 2-run single. AVG: .335

9. Game 39 of 49, May 25: 2-5, double, run, single, stolen base (2nd), reached on
    forceout. AVG: .338

10. Game 40 of 50, May 26: 1-5, home run, run. AVG: .333

11. Game 41 of 51, May 27: 2-5, single, RBI single, walk. AVG: .335

12. Game 42 of 52, May 28: 1-4, single (first at bat), walk, run. AVG: .333

13. Game 43 of 53, May 29: 3-4, single (first at bat), run, home run, run, RBI single.
      AVG: .343

14. Game 44 of 54, May 30: 1-3, single (first at bat), run, hit by pitch, run. AVG:

15. Game 49 of 59, June 5: 1-4, double. AVG: .322 

16. Game 50 of 60, June 6: 2-4, single (first at bat), RBI single, run, reached on
      throwing error. AVG: .325 

      **Michael's 16-game hitting streak at home ends**

17. Game 57 of 68, June 15: 0-3, walk (first plate appearance). AVG: .318

18. Game 58 of 69, June 16: 1-4, single. AVG: .316

19. Game 59 of 70, June 17: 2-4, double, run, single, stolen base (2nd). AVG: .320

20. Game 60 of 71, June 18: 2-5, single (first at bat), stolen base (2nd), single.
      AVG: .321

21. Game 61 of 72, June 19: 1-4, RBI double, run. AVG: .320

22. Game 62 of 73, June 20: 0-4, reached on fielding error (first at bat), run, walk,
      caught stealing (3rd), reached on fielder's choice. AVG: .315

      ^^Michael was lifted for a pinch runner in the bottom of the 7th inning after
      reaching on a fielder's choice.^^

23. Game 63 of 74, June 22: 1-4, RBI double. AVG: .314

24. Game 64 of 75, June 23: 0-3, walk (first plate appearance). AVG: .310

once again, well done on your accomplishment, Michael!😃👊

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PS--this is my 300th blog! thanks, Michael, for making it a good one!😍

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