Monday, March 23, 2015

Brantley Ranked 1st in Baseball Tonight's Top 10 Left Fielders

today, on March 23, ESPN's Baseball Tonight revealed their Top 10 left fielders going into 2015. not normally one to care much about ESPN rankings, i figured i would post this on my blog anyways because it's great for Michael.

a panel of MLB writers, analysts, and contributors were put together by ESPN to rank the Top 100 MLB players heading into 2015. a list of more than 300 players was provided to over 60 ESPN experts, who were polled in February and March. that list was narrowed down to the Top 100 based on how well the experts felt the players would perform, on a scale of 0 to 10, in 2015. those results will be announced on March 30 and 31 on a special edition of Baseball Tonight at 8 pm EST on ESPN2. i am very interested in seeing where Michael ranks on that list.

until then however, Baseball Tonight is revealing their Top 10 lists of each position around the diamond. today they kicked it off with the Top 10 left, center, and right fielders, but i am only going to cover the Top 10 left fielders here.

so without further ado, let me happily report that BBTN ranked Michael as the #1 left fielder going into 2015. he was previously unranked on this list a year ago, so that's a pretty large jump. it's also impressive because the list is comprised of players from both the American and National League.

BBTN's complete Top 10 LF list is as follows:
1. Michael Brantley, Cleveland Indians
2. Alex Gordon, Kansas City Royals
3. Justin Upton, San Diego Padres
4. Hanley Ramirez, Boston Red Sox
5. Matt Holliday, St. Louis Cardinals
6. Christian Yelich, Miami Marlins
7. Starling Marte, Pittsburgh Pirates
8. Yeonis Cespedes, Detroit Tigers
9. Jayson Werth, Washington Nationals
10. Brett Gardner, New York Yankees

this Top 10 is quite different from MLB Network's Top 10 LF, where Michael ranked 3rd and Jayson Werth ranked 1st. but it's definitely where i'd expect to find the 2014 AL OF Silver Slugger Award winner.

so congratulations to Michael on topping this list! Opening Day is only two short weeks away now and i cannot wait to see how he follows up his amazing 2014 All Star season. =D

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