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Brantley's 2013 Spring Training #s and My Expectations

baseball season is back! and so it's that time again. Tribe Time? well yes, but it is also Brantley blog time. i really did miss these lol

as you can see, i have decided to be way more detailed with my Brantley documentation this season. i have a lot of information colored coded in my Brantley 2013 statistics notebook. however, to try and keep these blogs as simplified as possible, i will not be typing all of that information here lol anyone reading these will thank me haha so let's get to it.

Brantley's 2013 Spring Training #s are as follows:

batting average: .354

OBP: .392

SLG: .521

OPS: .913

Michael played in 18 (of 36) games in spring training. he started and played left in 17 games, and he started and DH'd in 1 game. he missed 12 games after getting lacerated on his left forearm by Josh Donaldson while sliding into 3rd base in the 5th game of the spring. he also did not play in 6 games due to just not being in Tito's lineup.

Michael had a hit in 10 of the 18 games he played and reached base in 12 games.

Michael bat 5th in 10 games.

Michael bat 6th in 1 game.

Michael bat 3rd in 4 games.

Michael led off in 1 game.

Michael bat 2nd in 2 games.

Michael played left in 17 games.

Michael was the DH in 1 game.

in ST, Michael had a total of 51 plate appearances and 48 at bats. here is how he fared:

17 hits

11 singles

5 doubles

1 home run


6 runs scored

2 walks

1 hit by pitch

1 stolen base

3 strikeouts

8 first at bat hits

24 left on base

21 putouts

1 assist

80 innings in LF

ST batting average: .354 (17-48) (18 games)

now let's break down his numbers based on where he hit in the lineup.

when Michael bat 5th in ST, he had a total of 30 plate appearances and 29 at bats in 10 games. breaking down the numbers are as follows:

9 hits

5 singles

3 doubles

1 home run


4 runs scored

1 walk

1 stolen base

2 strikeouts

4 first at bat hits

19 left on base

16 putouts

1 assist

50 innings

ST batting average in the 5th spot: .310 (9-29) (10 games)
ST batting average in the 5th spot while playing left: .310 (9-29) (10 games)

when Michael bat 6th in ST, he had a total of 2 plate appearances and 2 at bats in 1 game. breaking down the numbers are as follows:

2 hits

1 single

1 double

1 run scored

1 first at bat hit

1 putout

3 innings

ST batting average in the 6th spot: 1.000 (2-2) (1 game)
ST batting average in the 6th spot while playing left: 1.000 (2-2) (1 game)

when Michael bat 3rd in ST, he had a total of 12 plate appearances and 10 at bats in 4 games. breaking down the numbers are as follows:

3 hits

2 singles

1 double


1 run scored

1 walk

1 hit by pitch

1 strikeout

1 first at bat hit

3 left on base

3 putouts

19 innings

ST batting average in the 3rd spot: .300 (3-10) (4 games)
ST batting average in the 3rd spot while playing left: .300 (3-10) (4 games)

when Michael led off, he was the DH in ST for 1 game. he had a total of 2 plate appearances and 2 at bats. breaking down the numbers are as follows:

0 hits

1 left on base

ST batting average in the leadoff spot: .000 (0-2) (1 game)
ST batting average in the leadoff spot as the DH: .000 (0-2) (1 game)

when Michael bat 2nd in ST, he had a total of 5 plate appearances and 5 at bats in 2 games. breaking down the numbers are as follows:

3 hits

3 singles

2 first at bat hits

1 left on base

1 putout

8 innings

ST batting average in the 2nd spot: .600 (3-5) (2 games)
ST batting average in the 2nd spot while playing left: .600 (3-5) (2 games)

ST batting average as the DH: .000 (0-2) (1 game)

ST batting average while playing left: .370 (17-46) (17 games)

other ST #s while playing left: 21 putouts, 1 assist, 0 errors, 1.000 fielding percentage (17 games)

here are my game-by-game notes and numbers for Brantley's Spring Training 2013.

Game 1, February 22: 2-2, RBI double (first at bat), run scored, double, run scored. AVG: 1.000
[5th/LF/3 innings]

Game 2, February 23: 2-2, double (first at bat), run scored, single. AVG: 1.000
[6th/LF/3 i]

Game 3/4, February 24: not in either lineup. (split squad)

Game 5, February 25: 1-2, RBI double. AVG: .833
[3rd/LF/2 i]
^^Michael left the game with a lacerated left forearm after going for 3rd base and Josh Donaldson spiked him. he went to the hospital, received 15 stitches, and is day-to-day.^^

Game 6, February 26: Tito announces Michael will be shut down for 3 days and he's expected to miss 10 days.

Game 7, February 27: shut down.

Game 8, February 28: shut down.

Game 9, March 1: Michael resumed lower body strength and conditioning.

Game 10, March 2: ^^

Game 11, March 3: ^^

Game 12, March 4: ^^

Game 13, March 5: Michael resumed all activity except on-field bp. he hit off the tee and did throwing. will have his stitches removed in a few days.

Game 14, March 6: expected to play Sunday.

Game 15, March 7: Michael had his stitches removed today. he returned to full-squad practice and will see game action by Sunday.

Game 16, March 8: Michael took BP today. will play Sunday.

Game 17, March 9: ^^

Game 18, March 10: 0-2. AVG: .625

Game 19, March 11: 1-3, single (first at bat). AVG: .545
[2nd/LF/5 i]

Game 20, March 13: 0-3. AVG: .429
[5th/LF/5 i]

Game 21, March 14: not in lineup.

Game 22, March 15: 1-2, single (first at bat), run scored, hit by pitch, walk. AVG: .438
[3rd/LF/7 i]

Game 23, March 16: not in lineup.

Game 24, March 17: 0-3. AVG: .368
[3rd/LF/4 i]

Game 25, March 18: 0-3. AVG: .318
[5th/LF/5 i]

Game 26, March 20: 3-3, 2-run double (first at bat), single, run scored, single. AVG: .400
[5th/LF/4 i]

Game 27, March 21: 2-3, 3-run home run (first at bat), run scored, single. AVG: .429
[5th/LF/4 i]

Game 28, March 22: 1-3, 2-run single. AVG: .419
[3rd/LF/6 i]

Game 29, March 23: not in lineup.

Game 30, March 24: 0-2, walk (first at bat), reached on forceout. AVG: .394
[5th/LF/7 i]

Game 31, March 25: 2-4, single (first at bat), stolen base, reached on forceout, single. AVG: .405
[5th/LF/7 i]

Game 32, March 26: not in lineup.

Game 33, March 27: 0-3. AVG: .375
[5th/LF/5 i]

Game 34, March 28: 0-4, reached (2nd base) on fielding error. AVG: .341
[5th/LF/7 i]

Game 35, March 29: 2-2, single (first at bat), single. AVG: .370
[2nd/LF/3 i]

Game 36, March 30: 0-2. AVG: .354
[5th/LF/3 i]

**this offseason, Michael was recovering from hernia surgery that he had on October 11, 2012. unlike the surgery he had in the previous offseason however, this one did not affect his offseason routine.**

despite missing a dozen games because of the forearm injury, Michael had a very solid spring with a very (as his nickname suggests) "smooth" swing. he started out smoking hot, lost his timing a little when he returned from the injury, then settled in once again. i think any player who's had ~50 at bats and finishes spring with a batting average over .300 performed well. i am pleased with Michael's spring.

Michael bat in 5 different spots in the order this spring, and he did great in just about every spot, with the exception of leadoff. now keep in mind, he only bat there in one game, with 2 plate appearances as a DH, right after he came back from his forearm laceration. he clearly still needed to get his timing back and so this does NOT mean he cannot leadoff. i need to point that out to people lol Michael looks to be one of our most consistent hitters yet again this season no matter where he is in the lineup...

it sounds like Michael will mostly be hitting 5th in the order this season. i like that he'll be batting behind Swisher, as opposed to Santana. but for the people who like to get on Michael for his stolen bases, or lack thereof, they better lay off a little because i don't know how many opportunities he will have to steal now batting in this spot. especially if Swisher is on base in front of him, a guy who isn't all that interested in stealing. Michael will have the green light to run, no doubt, but the question is how many times will he get on base with no one ahead of him?

i also want to throw in here that if Bourn doesn't turn out to be the amazing leadoff man that most people keep saying he is, after a month into the season, they better think about swapping him out, just as was done with my Michael after a month last season. #eyeroll #stillbitter #stupidManny lol

My predictions/hopes for Brantley's 2013 season:

first, i really hope this is the year that Michael plays a full season without injury. no more freak injuries in August or September that cause him to miss games or be shut down sooner than the year ends, please.

batting average wise, i would love to see him finish the year close to .300. i'd be very happy with a BA between .295-.300. yeah i'm probably aiming a little high but i have confidence that he can do it. he's been getting better and better every year, and i really think this could finally be attainable for him. with our new offseason additions, i don't know if he'll finish the year with the highest BA on the team again, but he should still be one of our top and most reliable hitters.

also because of our offseason acquisitions, Michael really doesn't need to worry much about home runs. however, i think he can still hit at least 8. and despite those who want him to hit for more power, i think this is fine. he'll make up for it by hitting plenty of doubles.

Michael should have another high RBI total batting in the middle of the order for the year. i'll predict/expect at least 75. then again, it depends on how well the guys in front of him hit, and if they consistently get themselves on base in order for Michael to bring them home.

other numbers i predict for Brantley in 2013:

stolen bases: 15

runs scored: 60

doubles: 50

walks: 50

fielding percentage: .998

good luck this season, Michael! make me proud =D

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