Friday, October 5, 2012

My Final #s for the 2012 Cleveland Indians Season

i'm at the point now where i like to try and outdo myself each year. sadly, i did not back up my final #s from last year so they are now gone, but i think it's safe to say i topped out in all categories. and yet, i wish there was more i could have done. i feel like it wasn't enough. i wish i could have gone to more games and i wish i could have made a difference in the outcome of our season. but even though we had a losing year, i still feel like a winner as far as making memories is concerned.

in this 2012 season, i was present for every single inning of every single game in real time. (i can't say "watched" because i have to listen to the majority of games on my computer.) i went 162 strong. i was present for every game dating back to the preseason games as well. in fact, the only preseason game i missed was the very first one, and that was because it was the Saturday before my birthday and i went birthday shopping that day. however, i did wait to leave until after Brantley's first at bat. (leadoff double, who remembers that? haha)

for the second year in a row, i was lucky enough to arrange my schedule/social life around Indians games, and i have no regrets. i did not turn the audio off on my computer before any games ended, and i never walked out on a game before the final out was recorded. you will be hard pressed to find anyone else who can say the same other than the true diehard fans.

i went to 11 games this year, three of which went to extra innings, and i sat through them all.

--compare this to 7 games in 2011 and i think i've set a high record that will be tough to beat in future years.

i took 6680 pictures

--including during batting practice, warm-ups, the actual game, and of course parking lot.

of those pictures, 2010 were of Brantley

--don't forget, i am his #1 fan, so this should have been expected haha

i took 300 videos

--and that isn't even due to all the extra innings, because by the time those games got into extras, my Bloggie battery was just about dead.

other mentionables:

--i got 4 baseballs

--i got my picture taken with 3 players

--i got 40 autographs

     --6 of which were from Brantley

and between game tickets, food, souvenirs, merchandise, and hotel costs for the 2 overnighters, we spent approximately $2500. which is about what we spent last year oddly enough.

as long as i live, you better believe i will never NOT go to games because i disagree with the cheap allowance allotted to this team's payroll. i won't deprive myself of loving and supporting the team, my team, my Tribe. it doesn't matter to me if the team is good, bad, or collapsing. my ass is going to games every year because i am ride or motherfucking die for this team. and because i know there are some people out there who have adopted this "i won't spend until the Dolans do" attitude, it only makes me want to contribute more of my own money to the Tribe as a counterbalance. i got ya covered, no worries.

anyways, the bar has been set pretty high now and if i don't at least meet these #s again next year, i will not be happy lol i consider myself very lucky to have gotten all of the above and i will always cherish these things. i will definitely use them to help me get through my offseason withdrawal. so to every guy who wore an Indians uniform this year, from my least favorite player to my #1 boy, thank you for making my 2012 Tribe experience amazing.

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